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And a Good Morning this Sunday…

Morning all my friends and followers, and a hearty welcome to all the new friends who have liked my page on Facebook. Welcome to the crazy, but so much damn … Read Mode

You only have yourself to blame…

Good evening everybody, I’m coming at you from work right now, which looks a lot like my personal office from home. Wait, I work remote, that’s right. It’s kind of … Read Mode

Willy Wonka for President!

Good afternoon my people, I hope this hump day finds everyone swimming easily up stream toward the weekend. Just think, depending on where you live, your either over halfway through … Read Mode

Finally got to take a look-see…

In Musings , TV and other distractions By R Kane / March 3, 2016

All right, this morning I took a little break from my usual routine and did a binge on Netflix.  I’ve been interested in catching the Daredevil series since its beginning … Read Mode

The first run through is done…

The first read through the new Fantasy novel ‘A Wyrms Tale’ is complete my people.  I finished it earlier today and I felt really good.  I didn’t need as many … Read Mode

Wow, this work week…

In TV and other distractions By R Kane / October 7, 2015

Was a little rough, call after call which in turn took my chance of blogging here and killed it quicker than asking my daughter to vote for Donald Trump.  Sometimes … Read Mode

OK, so I’m all

In TV and other distractions By R Kane / October 1, 2015

Caught up with ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘ on AMC and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with it so far.  It’s not anything like its predecessor and yet … Read Mode

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