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And a Good Morning this Sunday…

Morning all my friends and followers, and a hearty welcome to all the new friends who have liked my page on Facebook. Welcome to the crazy, but so much damn … Read Mode

Fair winds to you, Mr. Paxton…

Hello there everybody, how is everyone on this fine (at least where I’m at) Wednesday morning? I tell you, I am more than happy this previous work weekend came to … Read Mode

Move Review! Movie Review…sort of…

Good morning my people, both the vets and the new recruits, it’s Friday! You have officially reached the end of the rat race for the week. Your just a few … Read Mode

Can it be true? Yes, there is a Santa Clause Virgina…

Good evening my people, I hope your week wasn’t too bad, wasn’t too painful. Mine was pleasantly dull and quite humdrum, which was nice. Now don’t go thinking I just … Read Mode

What a freaking week, am I right?

Good evening everyone, greetings from the last blog post of 2016. And man, am I glad this year is over with. There has been way too much loss, too much … Read Mode

What do you mean its ‘broke’?

Hello and good afternoon all my people. I hope your week is going good, no, better than good now that I rethink it. You see, my week just got so … Read Mode

Goodbye Mr. Wonka, may you be at peace and rest…

In Movies and other dalliances , Musings By R Kane / September 1, 2016

Good evening my people, sorry for being away for so long but it’s been a little here in R Kane’s world. I’ve been working hard on my new book, and … Read Mode

Are you going to take a chance?

In Movies and other dalliances , Musings By R Kane / March 24, 2016

So, who’s going to go and see it this weekend, huh?  The new movie Batman Vs Superman is just around the corner ready to jump out and grab you, and … Read Mode

Just a quick stop in and ‘Hello’…

In Creating , Movies and other dalliances , My Works By R Kane / February 17, 2016

Good evening my people.  After a long work week, all three days, I can turn my attention to getting Ancient in paperback.  I also have planned a nice trip to … Read Mode

Just putting in the effort…

In Creating , Movies and other dalliances , Musings By R Kane / January 28, 2016

Working away on my Fantasy novel, about three-quarters of the way through the second edit pass.   I haven’t had to make a lot of changes on the first pass and even less here … Read Mode

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