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So, on the four hundred and twelfth day, it finally appeared to us…

In Creating , My Works , Updates By R Kane / September 11, 2017

Good morning all my friends and followers! I greet thee from a very wet, and quite windy, South this day due Miss Irma rolling through. I’m pretty sure the lawn … Read Mode

And it’s HUMP DAY once more…

In Musings , My Works , That's just R Kane By R Kane / April 20, 2017

Good eve all my friends and followers, how are you on what was an excellent hump day? I hope it was fine. I expect it was because, hey, it was … Read Mode

It’s finally up and ready for you all!

In My Works , Updates , YouTube Channel Schtuff By R Kane / May 17, 2016

Whew, what a work weekend.  I had some of the craziest, off the wall, make no sense calls I have ever had while working this shift.  Things were just blowing … Read Mode

Ah, feels like the first time…

In Musings , My Works By R Kane / April 11, 2016

I had a very good weekend my friends and faithful, and I can’t explain why except to say…have you ever found your way back to something?  Have you ever felt … Read Mode

Hello, is this thing on?

In Creating , Musings , My Works By R Kane / April 9, 2016

Have you guys ever heard a recording of you own voice?  I’m sure you have, from making those funny voice mail greetings we all have to the occasional recording your … Read Mode

No worries, I found my way back…

In Creating , Musings , My Works , Updates By R Kane / April 8, 2016

Good evening everyone, sorry for being away from the blog so long but I had some issues in real life to attend to.  All is taken care of so I … Read Mode

I will do it!

In Creating , Musings , My Works By R Kane / April 4, 2016

All right, I’ve decided to do it and start doing audio readings from portions of my books on YouTube.  I’m in so deep on this I just bought a microphone … Read Mode

It’s a short one tonight I’m afraid

In Creating , Musings , My Works By R Kane / April 1, 2016

Wow, today I had one of those ‘Zen’ like writing moods where I could not stop putting the words to paper, or in this case electronic fonts to a DOC … Read Mode

I wonder…will this work?

In Creating , Musings , My Works By R Kane / March 26, 2016

All right, I got this crazy kind of idea on promoting my books while having a blast doing it.  The idea just kind of hit me last night out of … Read Mode

Thank you everyone…

In Creating , Musings , My Works By R Kane / March 24, 2016

Wow, I checked in on my Smashwords account today and found 21 sales of A Wyrms Tale.  Wow, I have to say again, just wow.  Thank you ladies and gents … Read Mode

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