When you feel like you know next to NOTHING!!

You believe everything on the Internet, don’t you?

In Musings , Noob , That's just R Kane By R Kane / April 21, 2017

Good evening everyone, thank you for stopping by to check out the old blog. If your reading this then I guess you made it through your ‘Thursday Trials’ and are … Read Mode

Oh good gravy, what have I done now…

In Musings , Noob , That's just R Kane By R Kane / July 13, 2016

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all are doing well.  Me, well the title says it all.  I feel a little worn out because I found my way back to … Read Mode

Working, working, working…

In Noob By R Kane / October 13, 2014

Hmmm… I’ve been working these last days on a new novel, a Western concept, and it might be a departure from what I usually do or put out.  If you’ve … Read Mode

So, I’m pretty new to all of this…

In Noob By R Kane / August 18, 2014

Yeah, if you haven’t been able to tell from all the fresh paint and nails lying around I’m kind of a noob at this Blog thing so please give a … Read Mode

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