Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums

Wow, made it out alive, and with only a few scratches…

Good evening to all my friends and followers out there on the Intra-webs and spaces. I hope everyone is doing good this Tuesday night, that you made it through Monday … Read Mode

Wow, what a work weekend…

Whew! Man, what a work weekend that was my people. It was that lethal combination of steady calls and each one was pure evil. I don’t think I had one … Read Mode

Kids these days…

Good morning my people, or pre-afternoon in some places. I hope everyone is doing good here on good old Hump Day. We’ve made it halfway through the week and now … Read Mode

Welcome to all the new followers…

Good afternoon everyone, and what a hot day it is. Seriously, who turned on the oven then forgot to turn it off before leaving the world? I just got back … Read Mode

Oh look, there’s my sanity…

In Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / May 11, 2016

Have you ever been so frustrated you get a headache, those nasty kind that just explode right between your eyes, biting and gnawing at your brain?  Have you ever been … Read Mode

Is it Sunday, really?

Woo, good morning everyone, how has your weekend been?  Mine, well, I’m working answering calls and saving people from the jaws of technological self-immolation.  Thank the Great Spirit I have … Read Mode

And the weekend begins…well, mine at least

In Musings , Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / March 30, 2016

Oh I had a good work weekend my friends, it wasn’t too busy and yet just steady enough to make the days’ roll by.  I did have one call which … Read Mode

I thought you turned on the alarm?

In Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / March 11, 2016

Good evening my people, sorry for the delay but I had to do some pre-planned stuff before getting a chance to blog here.  So, I promised everyone the story of … Read Mode

How did this happen?

In Musings , Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / February 28, 2016

I’ve been doing some sort of computer support for most of my life, well over half of it at least.  From the days when I was a teenager pounding away … Read Mode

I am in disarray at the moment…

In Musings , Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / February 18, 2016

Ok, if you’re the type of person who, at 10 PM at night, decides to rearrange your office because it would be really cool to have a desk over there … Read Mode

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