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Soooooo, where have I been and where am I going to be?

In Updates By R Kane / November 22, 2014

So people, I’ve been out this last days getting my new book ‘Ancient’ ready and set to be published at the start of the new year as well as working … Read Mode

When your burrito is not just a burrito

In Musings By R Kane / November 13, 2014

So I went to Chipolte yesterday for lunch.  I had never been, was out and about in the vicinity of one, and decided what the hey.  Now I’m not saying I’m some … Read Mode

Back to the grind, or why my Fridays are now like your Sundays…

In Updates By R Kane / November 8, 2014

So here I sit, less than 12 hours away from having to go into work.  Kind of weird that my Fridays have now turned into Sundays, that I just fear … Read Mode

You were given a Ferrari…

In Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / November 5, 2014

And you people treated it like a lawn mower! I love that quote, and not because it’s from the great and venerable actor Stacy Keach, out of ‘The Bourne Legacy’. … Read Mode

Happy Halloween Ya’ll!!

In Musings By R Kane / November 1, 2014

I hope everyone is having a safe, but very scary Halloween. I’m still working on several projects and making some progress… Talk to people soon!

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