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Good lord it was a slow day

In Musings By R Kane / March 30, 2015

Yesterday, which isn’t a bad thing in a sense you never get run over by issues and thus your stress level stays at a nice happy-go-lucky minimum.  The drawback, and yeah there’s always a … Read Mode

And another shift bites the dust

In Musings By R Kane / March 29, 2015

You know, a 14 hour shift is really, really, really long but kind of nice when you think about the fact my weekends are four days long.  Yeah, I get … Read Mode

My prayers for those souls lost…

In Musings By R Kane / March 26, 2015

In the Germanwings Flight this week.  To loose a loved one in such a way is devastating and my heart only hopes those touched know their loved ones are at peace now. May … Read Mode

And my weekend begins!

In Creating , Musings By R Kane / March 25, 2015

Man, nothing like a 42 hour 3 day work week to wear the old body out, but the spirit is always willing and that’s why I keep on going.  I’m … Read Mode

Just a quick note…

In Musings By R Kane / March 21, 2015

Hey everybody, I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a long relaxing weekend or a festive one if you are so lucky.  In any case have a good … Read Mode

Shameless Plug Time!

In Updates By R Kane / March 20, 2015

That’s right people, just taking a minute to shamelessly plug my books because I think they are great works of literature that should be enjoyed by everyone…that and since it rained … Read Mode

All right, any one else…

In Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / March 19, 2015

Having like a ton of issues with the site today?  Man, I couldn’t get Filezilla to connect to upload some new stuff for the website so I had to download … Read Mode

Quick Note…

In Updates By R Kane / March 16, 2015

Hey, just swinging in before I head into the job to say I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Yeah, I didn’t cause I had to work, but that’s just the … Read Mode

A good day for buying a book…

In Musings By R Kane / March 12, 2015

So I checked my sales info on Amazon yesterday and I discovered with great joy I sold six units of ‘Ancient’, which is probably not a big thing for other authors, but for … Read Mode

Been away from the office

In Updates By R Kane / March 9, 2015

All right, I’m back.  Sorry for being out guys but I had to see to some personal affairs and business which took me away from the blog here for a few … Read Mode

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