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To my precious daughter…

In Musings By R Kane / May 30, 2015

Know I will miss you while you are away at your mother’s.  Even though I know its just for a short time, just a month, I will miss your laugh … Read Mode

And we are done… Feature

In Creating By R Kane / May 29, 2015

So, the editing of the Steampunk piece was completed late last night/early this morning.  I can say that after reading it several times and putting in some final touches that … Read Mode

Why, oh why would you…

In Musings By R Kane / May 28, 2015

Make a reboot of ‘Point Break’. Is it just me or is Hollywood just rebooting/remaking/regurgitating films in a rapid fire manner?  You know the movie will never be as good … Read Mode

To all who served…

In Holiday By R Kane / May 26, 2015

And gave all, this day is for you.  To all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us so we may live free, I thank you. Men like Michael Murphy … Read Mode

A little about me…R

In Musings By R Kane / May 22, 2015

Good evening folks, I decided that tonight I would take a different tact for the blog here.  Instead of telling you about my day or how much I’ve been working … Read Mode

Finished up the grind…

In Musings By R Kane / May 19, 2015

And this work week comes to an end…not with a bang but a very loud ‘Thank the Great Spirit!’ Not a lot of crazy calls, just the usual ‘I need … Read Mode

A port on the horizon…

In Uncategorized By R Kane / May 14, 2015

Wow, all this yard work and gardening has been back-breaking but so worth it. I’m damn near done and will be so glad when I am because all I’ll need … Read Mode

Man what a work week…

In Musings By R Kane / May 13, 2015

I mean, it wasn’t like it was just one call and then a bunch of normal things. No sir, it was more like every call was some weird, off the … Read Mode

Sorry for being away…

In Musings By R Kane / May 7, 2015

But life really did a number on me these last days.  I worked my usual week of three 14 hour days, which all three were hectic, and then I’ve been … Read Mode

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