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Man, today was a…

In Uncategorized By R Kane / August 28, 2015

a total kick to the gut.  I mean I’ve had bad days, the kind that make you want to scream out to the Gods above asking for a do-over or a … Read Mode

First I would like to…

In Musings By R Kane / August 27, 2015

Add my condolences to those already stated for the two journalist in Virginia today who lost their lives in a senseless and tragic attack.  Both by all accounts were talented … Read Mode

So there I was…

In Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / August 26, 2015

Sitting at my desk just waiting for the phone to ring and it did, as it always must when I’m at work and my employment requires me to answer said … Read Mode

I’m all set…

In That's just R Kane By R Kane / August 21, 2015

The DVR is set to record the LAST Hobbit movie tonight.  The ‘Battle of the Five Armies’ I hear is a nice ending to the Hobbit Trilogy, and you kind … Read Mode

Every stone in my path…

In Musings By R Kane / August 19, 2015

Becomes a brick in my house, as the song says.  When I as younger I’d quit when the path grew too hard to walk, when the weight on my shoulders would … Read Mode

One of my guilty pleasures…

In Creating By R Kane / August 14, 2015

is to sit and surf Deviantart as my brain just floats along.  I find letting go and listening to some Native Flute music as I watch art flow by is … Read Mode

And we have the…

In Updates By R Kane / August 13, 2015

first Facebook ad for ‘The Man in the Black Hat‘ running right now.  I got it all setup this morning, uploaded, and this afternoon it was approved!  Now, with a … Read Mode

You know its not going to end well…

In Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / August 12, 2015

When the person calling you says ‘I’m not the usual person who supports this application’.  As a support technician I’m trained to handle all kinds of emergencies, from the small … Read Mode

I swear it was there…

In Musings By R Kane / August 6, 2015

just a minute ago.  I went on to my KDP Amazon account and on the Amazon UK page for ‘The Man in the Black Hat‘ there was a 5 star review … Read Mode

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