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Category: Creating Musings Written by R Kane / March 25, 2015

Man, nothing like a 42 hour 3 day work week to wear the old body out, but the spirit is always willing and that’s why I keep on going.  I’m almost done with the Steampunk/Magic piece I’ve been writing on for the last three months.  I’m keeping this one small, maybe around 150 pages, because I plan turning it into a series if I get some positive feedback.

You know, I love feedback be it good or bad.  The only way you can truly tell you have grown as a writer or an artist is the review.  When someone tells you they liked your work and here is why is the best feeling  in the world to me and when someone tells me they didn’t and here’s why I listen and take in their opinion.  If someone didn’t like what I wrote it’s not the end of the world to me, it’s a chance to sit back and contemplate.  Is what they’re telling me a valid assessment or is it just the ramblings of someone who has another agenda? If it is valid point then I try and see if maybe it can help me in my writing, help me grow as a writer.  I think if you shut out what others are telling you then you miss the greatest opportunity to not just be a better artist but also a better person.

Yeah, I’m a fiercely independent person but I also know when the chance to grow comes along you better take a long look at it.

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