The SPR Review is here!

Category: Creating Written by R Kane / April 16, 2015

Yes sir, got it in the mail (GMail that is) just the other night and it looks very nice.

I paid to have my book ‘Ancient‘ reviewed by SPR, a nationally known review service for up and coming independent authors.  It took just over a month and I have to admit I was shaking a little as I stared at the email.  Up to this point I had received three customer reviews on Amazon (one 4 and two 5’s) so I was kind of nervous about opening up the correspondence to see what I was given.  I was pleasantly surprised as I got a 4 out 5 stars and a posting on their website and social media pages.  In Book Review speak I think I did pretty good, got some accolades as well as a few things to consider with future works.  Like I’ve said before, I take everything in and use it to grow and get better.

So, here’s the link to the SPR Review if anyone would like to read it, and you know, maybe buy it.

Yeah, I know…shameless plug…plug-plug-plug!

Thank for sharing!

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