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Category: Updates Written by R Kane / July 9, 2015

but life kicked me straight to my stomach last Friday night.  With great sadness my dear sister passed away to the next world.  She travelled peacefully to the other side and I know at that moment she was greeted by our family who accepted her with open arms.  Death is not the end, of this I am convinced.  No, it is just a journey we must all make and when the time comes I will do the same.  Its knowing this that helps me settle with the pain my heart and soul feel.  Its what helps me accept the loss.

And ever since that night I have been running around crazy dealing with all sorts of people and such.  Death may be a journey for us all, but I can tell you its a mountain of paperwork for us waiting here in this world.  I must have signed a hundred different papers, from this to that, the Funeral Business is just that…a business.

Yet the good news is I will get the Steampunnk piece finished and published, I promise.  Its done really, all except the preparation for the MOBI formatting.  I should have that done shortly…keeping busy also helps with the pain.

I miss you sweetie, and always will…I love you sister.

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