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Category: Musings Written by R Kane / July 11, 2015

not so hard, at least until you run across certain objects or possessions that carry memories strong enough to stop you cold in your tracks.  I’ve been going through my sister’s things, first it was to find all the vital documents needed for the grist mill that comes with dying.  The Last Will and Testament, Life Insurance, and anything else the people who you have to work with in such situations need. Now, after finding all those necessary docs, it’s just going through the work to putting away that part of life that was once your normal.  I’ve found purses stuffed with old bills, bags with old mail, and boxes and boxes of pens.  My sister never threw anything out and that’s fine.  I’ve gone through a box of trash bags getting rid of the things one leaves behind when passing into the next world.

Then I ran across an old nightshirt she wore, just a simple thing that would have been passed over by any other hand but mine.  I remember her walking around dressed in it, all the breakfasts she cooked wearing it, and all the TV shows she watched wearing it.  I found myself smiling in the face of the tedium that was the day.  I sighed thinking you never really lose the ones you love do you, the ones who leave too early.  You just find them in the small things lying around the house like that coffee cup they used to drink out of every morning, you know the one with the chip out of the handle where it was dropped in the sink one morning.  You find them in those books tucked away on shelves, the ones that were their favorites.  You find them calling out to you all over the house and the message in always the same.

Things are going to be all right, you just have to see it through.

Yeah…it’ll be all right here soon…

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