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Category: Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums Written by R Kane / July 15, 2015

train their new employees these days? I mean, you have to do some type of ‘point-and-click’ learning session before turning them loose on software that essentially is patient data, right? A nurse has to know where to put a blood pressure versus a temperature in the data boxes on the screen because if you mess up someone is getting shot full of a drug they probably don’t need.  And it’s not just the nurses, it’s the doctor’s too.  It never amazes me how a man or woman can reach into a person’s chest to save them from some deadly trauma then turn around and think turning the monitor off then on reboots the PC.  I’m not kidding, this kind of stuff happens a lot…

Me: Good evening, support, how may I help you?

Client: Yes, we have a little issue here in the ER

Me: Really, well I’ll be glad to help.  What’s happening?

Client: We have two patients that we inadvertently switched and charted on the other by accident.

Me: You put data in on two wrong patients…orders and labs and stuff?

Client: Yeah, but it was totally by accident and nothing bad happened

Me: Oh, well that’s goo-

Client: Nothing really bad…

Me: Really bad?  What is really bad?

Client: Nothing much…we just took a bunch of x rays of the wrong patient is all…

Me: Ohhhhhhh…

Client: Yeah, so, about that data on the wrong patient thing, can we move it to the right one?

Me: No, sorry.  We’re not allowed to move the data, it’s against HIPPA regulations.

Client: Oh yeah, that’s what we thought.  Thanks for you help


Just a little training and there wouldn’t have been some doc standing by the light board wondering why his patient who should have had a broken left arm was suddenly and miraculously healed. And how about the guy with the busted arm wondering why the nurse is trying to give him a respiratory therapy?  It’s not my lungs lady, its my arm that’s pointing in the wrong direction involuntarily that’s the problem!

Modern medicine…its not just a sit-com people…

Thank for sharing!

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