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Category: Creating Written by R Kane / July 16, 2015

How I can write 100K or 200K words with no problem.  I can tell a story, as verbose as if I were the secret love child of Shakespeare and James Fenimore Cooper if needed, with no issue.  Then I have to write the summary of the work for the ‘Flap’ of the book and its like pulling teeth.  The words won’t come, and if I do get the stray syllable it always sounds forced and I hate that.  I have the virtual equivalent of a pile of crumpled up balls of paper around an electric recycle bin.  I’ve been working on the flap part of the Steampunk story for the last two days and I swear I’d rather have someone hit me with a hammer then do this.

And, oh yes my loyal readers, it doesn’t stop with the flap.  I then have to write a Press Release for this new work.  See, after you finish writing and editing and worrying if your words sound at least somewhat comprehensible in your manuscript and after you go through the uploading and posting of the book on the net you have to market your book to the world.  You have to write a Press Release and a Media Kit and all that jazz.  See, this is where all the real fun starts, or this Friday for me.

Yes, ‘The Man in the Black Hat‘ is due to be published on Friday at Amazon and Smashwords.  I hope everyone runs out and gets a copy and they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This ‘Flap’ and ‘Press Release’…that’s another thing all together…

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