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Category: Creating Updates Written by R Kane / July 17, 2015

The Man in the Black Hat‘ has been released! my latest work is out and available on both Amazon and  Smashwords.  Yes, all that good R Kane goodness now packed in a Steampunk format is just ready for all of you to go and download.

So, if you are a Kindle person then you’ll need to download the book here at Amazon.

And if you’re an Apple or a Nook from Barnes and Nobles  then you’ll need to go and download the book here at Smashwords.

Unfortunately I do not offer a print version of my work yet but that is coming in the future.  Yet, with ‘Ancient‘ being published by ‘The Readers Guild’ here soon I’ll be letting everyone know where they can pick up a copy of that in print.

Now go out, and to quote Richard Rawlins, go get you some of that!!

Thank for sharing!

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