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Category: Musings Written by R Kane / July 30, 2015

Review requests, all day long baby! Yes, it’s that time in the process where we independent authors have to go and put on our best ‘please pick me before anyone else’ faces and BEG for a review.  You see, this groveling we do, nay beseeching, is more of a life necessity than a passing need.  If you want to sell an eBook then you need someone to tell all the others that ‘Hey, I didn’t die in a fiery ball of death when I read this particular piece of work from the author.’

You see, the only way to compete with the PR machines of the big Publishing houses is to get as many Reviews as you can.  The more the better which loosely translates into more units going out the door.  It’s not the money you end up chasing, at least not for me, but the mere fact that your book gets OUT THERE, gets disseminated to the masses just a little farther.  The more hands and eyes and brains that read what I write, well the better I feel. If I can make a person’s day or just make someone smile then I did exactly what I set out to do.

Now, who wants to write me a review?  No, not a Yelp review about the Thai I had last night.  I mean a review of my work…anyone…Bueller?

Thank for sharing!

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