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Category: Holiday Written by R Kane / September 5, 2015

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend to all my people out there.  Use the holiday to recoup, rejuvenate, and just get your head back in the game. Above all though, be safe.  Do not drive drunk or drive while texting or drive while ricking out to Twisted Sister.  Two of those can lead to more problems than I would ever wish on an enemy while the third…well it can lead to a quick visit to the Chiropractor to get your neck set back into place.

Damn you Dee Snider for being such a Rocker!

As for me, this is the weekend I will be spending with family before spreading my sister’s ashes.  It will be a poignant weekend but a good one as we say a final goodbye to a loved one.

Now go on out there and have some fun people!!

Thank for sharing!

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