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Category: Musings Written by R Kane / September 18, 2015

A few days, sorry about that.  I just bought my copy of Metal Gear Solid V and I’ve been running missions left and right for the last few days building up my Mother Base.  Yeah, I’m video gamer/nerd. There are worse things I could be doing right now…like being a politician.

Which brings me to my dilemma. My precious child has found her way to politics and as of now is 100% behind Bernie Sanders.  Yes, I hear chants of ‘Feel the Bern’ at dinner and all day on weekends. She spares me mornings and breakfasts though I’m pretty sure it’s because she hates getting up early for school, but hey, I’ll take what I get.  So, we watched the CNN Republican Debate last night or as I call ‘Who can sell us the most amount of BS in the shortest amount of time’ TV show. I sat there on the couch watching it and the whole time my brain was reeling. It just amazes me how people can respond to a question with a five-minute diatribe AND NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION! Seriously, these people come from pods or something right? If I answered my mama the way those people did last night she would have hit me over the head with a wooden spoon so hard I’d have forgotten my name.

If you haven’t guessed it I’m not a Republican, but the funny part is I’m not a Democrat either.  I’m not really anything.  I used to be Libertarian but fell out with some ideals of the party.  As of now I guess I go to the highest bidder or the politician who can at least answer a question with semblance of truth and honesty.

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