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Category: Musings Written by R Kane / September 28, 2015

Explain to me why we’re still talking about the Hilary Clinton Email thing?  I turn on ‘Morning Joe’ and all I get are the so-called pundits talking about Hilary and her damn email.  Now I know there’s more stuff happening out in the world, that has to be, and yet all I get is the same discussion…really people?

Now, I’ve said before I’m not into discussing my political leanings or proclivities, but it’s getting a little out of hand here with the Hilary thing, isn’t people? I thought we had this thing wrapped up in a nice little package with a big red bow and I’m still hearing about it…even this morning?

Can I ask politely that we just talk about how she plans on running the country if she gets to be elected?  Can I extol on everyone and everyone to concern themselves with her policies, both foreign and domestic, so we can at least hear what she plans on doing?

Is that too much to ask? It is…really?

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