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Category: Musings Written by R Kane / August 22, 2014

You know what’s great about cleaning out closets, besides reclaiming the last space you always lose to the walk-ins?  It’s the chance, no the almost certain probability, that  you’ll come across some new object that you have no memory of purchasing and yet you’re sure you had to because it’s in YOUR closet…all the way in the back.  Oh the things I have found when cleaning out my closets.  I’ve come across books that I know I’ve never read and yet the spine on the paperback is broken…so who read the tome if it wasn’t I?  I found a nice set of dress shoes and I haven’t worn a dress shoe in six years.  Who put the wing tips in there if it wasn’t me? See, I think there’s a covert-super-secret Government agency whose sole purpose is to mess with our heads and fill our closets with crap we would have never purchased in a million years.  I know the agency exists because I found two shirts that looked straight out of the 70’s the other day hanging in my closet, huge collars and colors so bright you could pass for the stop light at the corner.  And I know the agency works hand-in-hand with its sister group who takes one sock from the dryer each time you run it leaving you with an odd number.  Oh those sick-sock-stealing bastards, do you know how many time I had to go to school with different colored tube socks?  Yeah, I know you exist…I know you’re out there.

And the same goes for the folders on my laptop, finding missing things that is.  I came across a short story I wrote a while back and after skimming over it I think it’s going to be my next release.  I won’t put this up on Amazon, but Smashwords is just the perfect place.  As of now I’m at 50 pages but as I proof it and read it I’ll build it up and get it ready for prime time.  I’ll let everyone know when it comes out and post up the release notice on the usual suspects.

Until then keep an eye on your closets and your socks…you never know who’s looking in your stuff!

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