Oh what a work week…

Category: Musings Written by R Kane / October 26, 2015

This week was and I still have one more day to go.  We had a couple of customers who upgraded both platforms and versions of our software this weekend and both sites did not have a good time.  Most people usually stop when errors keep popping up instead of just plowing through…these sites do not employ most people.  Most people backup their important data and servers and such before commencing a massive change like an upgrade or re-deployment…as previously stated, these sites do not hire most people.  Needless to say the morning was a four cup of coffee banger, a ride on the ice with your pants pulled down.  by 10 AM I was done and my brain was close to being Original Recipe fried.  And yet I persevered and made it through…with the help of a lot of Motrin!

But hey, the week is about to begin for all my people so I say I hope your weekend was relaxing and gratifying.  I know you hate to look forward to the week ahead but your just about to the point of having no choice but to do just that.  As for me, I’ll be working on getting my new laptop setup, working on the Fantasy book I’m writing, and making steady progress on the new web site.

So, just like I did this morning my people, persevere and get through this week on a good note…see you on the other side.

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