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Category: Holiday Musings Written by R Kane / November 21, 2015

Work Week and I’m already in the thick of it.  The call was nothing major, just one of those ‘political’ things that can bite you on the rump.  To keep it short, there are things we can do and things we won’t do to fix an issue and when the resolution falls into the ‘won’t do’ category it usually ruffles some feathers, sometimes a derogatory comment gets thrown around.  Me, I’m use to it, been in the game a long time, but the new guys always get a little flustered by it.

I did get a good bit of news this week, won’t be spending Thanksgiving alone.  Now I just have to get the stuff together for a meal, the usual suspects.  Oh…and I need to learn how to make the stuffing.  Its an old recipe handed down through the family, hope I can find it.

Otherwise we’re doing the box thing and that just seems wrong for the feast, doesn’t it?

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