Happy Thanksgiving to everyone…

Category: Holiday Written by R Kane / November 26, 2015

And may it be a joyful one for everyone and their loved ones.  It’s a time to draw close family, to forgive old grievances and the settling of old debts.  It’s a time to see the good in this world, to add your own compassion to the stream of Worldly love, and appreciate all that we are and will be.  It’s also the time for all would be cooks to suddenly appear out of the mists and take their hand at trying to cook the meal.  You know who I’m talking about, the ones with the Turkey Fryer’s who burn down that garage because the bird was still a little frozen.  The ones who wonder where the neck and giblets of the Turkey are so they can make a quick gravy and then realize after cooking the Turkey for three hours that’s what the little white bag INSIDE the bird was filled with.  For those who have their cakes fall, their casseroles burn, and end up with stuffing that could choke a Mummy, remember, this is the time for letting all the small problems just go and fly away.

See, you can number me among your group my people, the barely able to cook.  I can say without equivocation or hesitation that I, R Kane, am no Emeril Lagasse.  When you end up in the kitchen at 10 PM the night before Thanksgiving trying to decipher an Apple Pie recipe from your smart phone that you found on Google, you my friend are one of the unfortunate.  When your daughter looks at you with a serious face and asks with pure truth ‘I thought you knew how to make an apple pie?’, and you respond with a confused look and lost eyes ‘I know Marie Calendars Frozen…take out of the box, put in a 425 degree oven for 30 to 45 minutes, and then you have golden bubbly deliciousness…that’s what I know.’

So you see you my friends, my people, it’s just about having family near and love to spread around.  It’s a time to reflect and in some cases find that bottle of Pepto in the medicine cabinet.

May peace reign this day for you and for the world…

Thank for sharing!

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