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Category: Musings Written by R Kane / December 1, 2015

finally after a some-what hectic work week.  With a guy on the team out for vacation the calls volume got a little more intense, just enough ears to go around you might say.  I caught 50% more calls so yeah, the time in between being in need caused a little more stress.  But hey, got through it and today I found the Internet flooded with stories about the NFL and its horrible officiating, Donald Trump said something stupid again, and everyone seems to think we don’t take Climate Change serious enough…which I have been saying for  a year or two now.  The first on the list I could care less about, its a sport where human beings make judgment calls so mistakes are going to happen.  The second has happened so many times I’ve lost track of each incident and frankly my give-a-damn broke for Trump long ago.  The last is very serious, pretty damn near catastrophic, and yet just now we’re seeing a move to try to fix it?  I know the financial hit tot he Economy will be devastating, the loss of jobs and other considerations, once we break free from Fossil Fuels but trust me if we lose the planet it will be worse, as we say here in the South, ‘Shit will get very real’.

And yet, I can still find those nice little articles on the Internet that make you go ‘Dayum!’

Have any of you see this one, the boats the Japanese Coast Guard are finding? Boats filled with bodies just washing ashore, some with missing hands or mummified remains?  This is something a horror writer would dream up, or come up with after a nightmare.  Hey, do you think Stephen King knows? The locals seem to think its North Korean fisherman getting to far out to sea and meeting with disaster.  Me, I don’t know but like I said, some horror writer could write a good story on this.

I plan on using the week to get more work done on my Fantasy novel.  It’s coming along, getting near the end of the first draft so I’m still good for.  After I’m done I’ll need to look into getting the cover done.  In the past I’ve always done my on covers but this time I may strike out and see about having a pro do one on commission.  Not sure how all that works so I’ll have to dig into it a bit more.

Well, until tomorrow my people, I hope your night is peaceful and your snuggled up close to the one you love…be it a significant other or a good brew.

Thank for sharing!

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