What a work week…

Category: Musings Written by R Kane / December 7, 2015

Man, I mean its only two days because I’m taking tonight off but geez-louise it could have been better than what it was…by about a hundred feet.  Saturday, for some reason, I took all the crazy requests calls.  You know the kind where the customer has an incident, which I fix, and then goes into a rant about why it ALWAYS happens to them when they’re on Weekend Support.  Just once I want to say in my creepiest stalker voice ‘Its because we knew you would be on-call for issues so we purposefully broke our own software…we like you…A LOT’.

Yeah, I didn’t do it because you never know what the person on the other end of the phone might be into…

Then Sunday we were having performance issues on our VPN/Network thus everything was moving at a crawl.  It’d take 40 minutes to make a ticket, another 20 to remote into the site to fix things, and then another 15 minutes of deep breathing exercise to get my blood pressure down below Stroke levels.  The customers were cool though, no one really complained about the slowness, and I’m not sure if that’s indicative of something?  You think they think we’re usually that slow?  Wow…crap, that’s it!

Well, at least I don’t work here.  I mean, I work from home and if I had to get dressed for work then I’d really have a bad day.  I’m way to used to wearing shorts and ratty T’s to work these days, if I had to put on khaki’s and a Polo shirt I’d be in Hell!

By the way, did anyone see the President’s speech last night?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Yeah, thought so, me neither.  See everyone tomorrow…


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