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Category: Creating Holiday Musings Written by R Kane / December 21, 2015

I had the weekend off because I’m one  of those knuckleheads who never takes a day off and at the end of the year I have about a thousand hours of vacation time to burn or I lose it.  So I was able to at least get rid of some of my accrued time by sitting the weekend out, but not off.  I finished my Fantasy work, yes indeed!  I put in the work and zipped out the last couple of chapters and the epilogues, which means the new book is done with the foundation part of the process.  Time to step back, maybe do some other projects, and then come back when I have fresh eyes.

Man, I was so into getting the book done that I ignored all TV and such.  I didn’t even go outside till late Sunday night and you know what?  The Mall was still a freaking Zoo! I still don’t believe I drove down to it knowing full well the place was going to be a mad house this close to Christmas.  I got lucky getting a parking place after doing the loop of the parking lot ONCE, but that’s where the good time ended.  Inside the place was packed, wall to wall people trying to get into Macy’s or Old Navy to finish up the shopping.  Really, does little Billy need another t-shirt so bad your willing to stand in line for 40 minutes to buy it? I did my shopping the old-fashioned way this year, as I have done in the past, and used Amazon.  I have ‘Prime’ and all my gifts were delivered over the weekend, my shopping was done while I sat around in my underwear watching Morning Joe I am proud to say, wait…flag on the play…TMI probably?

And another reason the Mall was packed?  Yeah, Star Wars.  The movie theater was overflowing…on Sunday night.  Me, I’m not going to see it till the pic hits the Demand service for my Cable provider.  Yeah, I want to see it but not enough to face the opening weekend crowd.   Your like a brother to me Mark Hamill, maybe a cousin actually, but the Force does not like people stepping all over its feet as they stomp by to get to a seat in the middle of the row.

All right, its early, the animals have been fed and watered…its time to get me some breakfast.

See everyone soon…

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