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The first run through is done…

The first read through the new Fantasy novel ‘A Wyrms Tale’ is complete my people.  I finished it earlier today and I felt really good.  I didn’t need as many changes to the plot, structure, and overall read ability of the work as I thought I would need.  Now I just sit and wait a day or two to clear the old brain pan then start again.

The blog post tonight though has nothing to do with my work.  It’s a small tribute to the loss of two very influential and powerful souls, David Bowie and Alan Rickman.  These two were to their separate craft what Steve Jobs was to the Personal Computer and the Walkman.  They took what you knew, what you were sure was great, and just made it a million times better and they did it with such grace.

Man, I used to sit and listen to Bowie’s music and think, I mean really ponder on life.  His music had a depth, a soul, that you rarely ran across in any kind of genre.  His work was nothing like the singers and bands of today where I can put it on the radio and just ‘veg’ out, the music so generic you really don’t have to take it in.  But Bowie’s music, it was on a whole different level, and during a time when people needed a whole new level to the music scene.  We were being inundated and flooded with such mediocrity it was like being force fed banality by the bucket.  With songs like ‘Major Tom’ and such Bowie made your mind tick, your soul smile, and your heart a little lighter.

When I heard that Alan Rickman had passed I felt such a shock, a slap to the face.  Yeah, everyone loved him as the malevolent Hans Gruber in ‘Die Hard’ and the misunderstood and dark Snape in all the Harry Potter movies.  He even made a mark in ‘Love Actually’, a romance which even a cynical ass like myself loves to catch on the old TV.  He was such a versatile actor he played in comedies (Galaxy Quest) and in musicals (Sweeney Todd).  Yet the two roles I will always remember Rickman for is as ‘Ed’ the scene stealing- eccentric artist in The January Man and ‘Colonel Brandon’ in Sense and Sensibility.  I think I will never see such an artist again in my lifetime and that makes me a little sad my people.

So I say goodbye to two men who I will miss greatly, and to you my friends I will see you tomorrow…

Thank for sharing!

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