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Category: Creating Holiday Musings Written by R Kane / February 8, 2016

Ok, so to start with before anyone asks, no I did not watch the Super Bowl last night…well not all of it. Heck, I wouldn’t even say I watched half of it, maybe like one quarter.  No, after having a second weekend where it was a little rough and having to work on getting the new novel up on CreateSpace, there was no time for the Super Bowl.  As soon as quitting time came I dropped out of work and got a beer, a nice longneck that was ice cold.  No way better than to wash off the weariness of a 14-hour shift than a talk with my friend, Budweiser.  Though I did see all the highlights of the game on ESPN this morning and I’ll catch all the commercials on YouTube this afternoon.  I mean, I don’t know about you, but the Super Bowl commercials are sometimes the true highs of the big game.

So, like I mentioned, I got to work last night on getting A Wyrms Tale up on CreateSpace last night.  I got the cover uploaded after spending an hour fitting it into the template.  Have I said how I just love a good template?  I also do some wood work and you CANNOT beat a good jig, any day!  The cover is up now, the manuscript is uploaded, just a matter of sitting back and waiting on whether it gets approved or if I have to go back and fix a few things.  We’re still a good bit out from the March 1st release date so either way really doesn’t bother me at all, I’ve got plenty of time to work on anything that comes up.

Now the rest of the week looks to be setup nicely.  I’m actually starting on the next part for The Man in the Black Hat series, getting all the flurry of thoughts in my head down in some semblance of order.  Much like this post and blog, I tend to ramble with the ideas in my head unless I force everything into a cage.  I’ll end up repeating what I said worse than Marco Rubio did during the Republican Debate.  Did you guys see that?  Man, did old Marco break down under pressure or what?  He looked so lost, like that 16-year-old kid who goes to pick up his prom date and her father is sitting there on the couch cleaning a gun asking ‘So what do you have planned for the night son?’.

Oh yeah, totally got steam rolled!

Well, its early my people and I need to get my belly some breakfast.  Everyone have a wonderful day and I will see you all tomorrow!

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