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Category: Creating Musings My Works Written by R Kane / February 12, 2016

Ok, so I had to recreate my cover again from scratch for A Wyrms Tale to fix CreateSpace had with it.  I did that last night and re-uploaded the file and today it was approved, thank the Great Spirit.  I’ve only been working on the thing for the last two weeks and I was starting to go a little crazy from it.  I must have cropped, resized, and scaled the damn thing a hundred times to get it right visually and then to have to do it again to meet specifications…man, I was just a little stressed.  It’s done though, built lovingly by my two hands and a whole lot of swearing!

Then today I found out that JK Rowling is releasing another Harry Potter Book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, on July 31st.  I am so glad I’ll have mine out, both of them, long before that date.  I can already see it flying off the shelves, but as crazy as that will be I was totally floored when I learned E.L. James and the Fifty Shades series has sold more than Rowling and Harry Potter.


Yeah, I said it, out loud and everything.   I still cannot fathom it, how Fifty Shades has out-sold Harry Potter.  I’m not putting down EL or anything, it’s just I thought Harry Potter was untouchable is all. I thought Rowling was the top of the mountain all the other writers in the world tried to emulate, that cornucopia of success.  Wow, second place…that just…wow!

And mentioning my book Ancient, now that I’ve got Wyrms Tale ready for publishing I have to get it all set.  I have to get the interior and oh my lawd, the cover as well.  I may need to go to the liquor store and restock for another go at setting up a cover for CreateSpace.

See you all tomorrow…

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