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Category: Creating Musings Updates Video Games Written by R Kane / March 2, 2016

And my weekend has arrived, thank the Great Spirit!  I have no problems and no issues with my job, even with the calls which leave me in a dazed confused state.  But these days where I am off and away from the phones and the hours and the politics which make up my work place are pure gold.  I get to write and work around the old homestead and just enjoy the time.  It doesn’t bother me one bit working on the weekend or putting in 40 hours in three days because I get four whole days away to just be…me my people.  It’s a true treasure, and the fact the fish are starting to wake up at the local fishing hole only makes these days better.  Yes, everybody, the call of the Largemouth Bass ca be heard and I will answer it very shortly…

Only this week I will also need to do some work on things other than fishing, isn’t that always the case.  I have to get the cover done for Ancient so the paperback can go to the printers.  I need to do some work with getting the next book ready to roll out, get the chapters laid out and make sure it all flows right.  Oh, and I have to help my kid with some stuff for school.  Yeah, the week looks kind of busy but hey, idle hands are the Devils playthings right?  Better to keep my attention focused on something then just to it roam free without proper supervision.  The last time that happened I was knee deep into building a desk in my garage before I realized it.

And no, sorry my people, I did not watch The Oscars the other night.  I don’t like award shows; hell I don’t like awards that much.  I think if you’re doing something to get attention or awards then you seriously need to re-evaluate your career choices. No, I chose to spend my time playing Far Cry Primal and growing my village of Wenja.

Don’t ask what the ‘Wenja’ are, trust me, the explanation isn’t important.

So, to everyone, have a great night and I will see you all tomorrow…

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