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Category: Creating Musings Written by R Kane / March 7, 2016

The paperback version of Ancient is up on CreateSpace and ready to be picked up for all those who are interested in purchasing that kind.  The link here will take you to the store to buy it, now it is a bit more expensive than The Man in the Black Hat, but that’s due to the fact the book is 822 pages.  I also updated my web site with the link if your one of the techies who like to visit web sites.  Here is mine if you feel so inclined to visit.

So, if I didn’t mention it earlier, I received a summons for Jury Duty here in my lovely county and neck of the woods.  Now I know some people get all googly-moogly about doing their civic duty and all, a trip to the court house is like a run through the toy store or something, but for me I just can’t get into it.  Yeah, the old cynic is showing through again, but this time I have a reason.  See, last time, I was put on a jury which sat on a case I’d rather forget.  It wasn’t anything like important or even necessary in my eyes.  Nope, I got stuck listening to two divorced people fight over money. You heard me right, an ex-husband and an ex-wife fighting over how much money they should split. Yeah, my own divorce was bad enough to sit through and now I was getting a replay and in slow motion it felt like.  It took all my strength not to fall asleep or worse begin to care what was going on.  Seriously, it was the longest three days of my life and in the end the damn thing ended in a mistrial so I didn’t even get to do my civic duty.  The judged banged his gavel, sent us all on our merry way, and I have been hoping to never have to do jury duty again.  My hopes were semi-dashed when I got the summons in the mail but suddenly relieved when I was told not to come in today.

Here’s to hoping I get passed over for tomorrow too…

And if I do I have a nice story to tell about my work this weekend, a true mystery.  See everyone tomorrow if I’m not sitting in some Jury Box

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