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Category: Updates Written by R Kane / September 17, 2014

Well, what’s new here at the headquarters.  I just gave the ok for the Press Release for ‘Runner‘ to be sent round the world globally which may or may not have a dramatic effect on the sales of the book.  And you know what?  Its doesn’t bother me all that much if it does or doesn’t add to the tally of sold units at the end of the day.  I don’t do this for the money because I don’t need it, my day job pays really well and I like it enough.  I don’t write to get girls because that just doesn’t happen, trust me when I say there’s no female throwing her underwear at me like I’m Tom Jones on stage in Vegas.   I do this because I like to write, to put pen to paper, to spread my words on the blank page and create something that another person might enjoy.

Which kind of brings me to this whole Amazon versus the Authors of the World dispute over sales.

Let me be frank and truthful, I don’t really care about it or the people involved with it, there I said it.

Yeah, I sell my book on Amazon and I sell it cheap, like I said before I don’t do this for money.  I didn’t have Hachette or any other Publisher breaking down my door to publish my book and even if they showed up tomorrow with a fat contract I wouldn’t sign it or deal with them.  Amazon was the way I wanted to go, my choice, and if that has some kind of repercussion then I’ll deal with it.  Like I’ve said before, this is my path and the way I’m walking it is one I feel best about.  This doesn’t mean I don’t hope for the best for all the writers in their fight with Amazon, on the contrary I wish for every single writer to get the deal they have been fighting and working toward for so long.  No one should be deprived of the right to pen a book, sell it for whatever they deem it is worth, and then reap the rewards that creating a masterpiece means.

All I’m saying is this, I’ve never met anyone involved and really…it doesn’t get under my skin.

Thank for sharing!

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