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Wow, I checked in on my Smashwords account today and found 21 sales of A Wyrms Tale.  Wow, I have to say again, just wow.  Thank you ladies and gents for making the start of 2016 a very good one.  Yeah, I know 21 sales isn’t a lot to 99% of the industry, but for a small timer like me…its Mana from Heaven.  I just hope those who made the purchase enjoy the read as much I did writing the book.  And for those out there who haven’t purchased one of my books, well I ask that you take a chance and pick one to enjoy on a long flight or a road trip.  I can only say the reviews I have heard for all four have been good, five and four stars, so I think you’ll enjoy anyone you pick.

And another thing which makes me very happy, somewhat, is the fact the GA Legislature decided to water down that despicable piece of legislation, The Freedom Bill.  It was nothing more than a free pass to discriminate against a growing section of our community, the LBGT’s.  Even though it was water downed the bill is still a black-eye for the state and for the South.  You see, when I was growing up in a small town here in the South my mother never once taught me to hate another human being because of the color of their skin or the way they lived their life.  She raised me to respect people of all genders and lifestyles, respect their lives and choices because in the end it’s what they deserve and what I want in return.  Now, I look around and all I see is this weird animosity, an ‘us vs them’ mentality that is the opposite of the way I was raised.  I can tell you without hesitation that if my mother were alive to see the world today, to see the nasty Political climate and the raw discord between us all, she would sigh and wonder when we stopped just letting people live their own damn lives.

I wonder the same too Mom…everyday…

Oh well, it’s not all bad. I’m still utterly floored and grateful for everyone who has purchased a book from me and I’d like to add that a new one is being written as you read this.  No peeking or leaking as to what it will be, but it is another part of a series, the continuation you might say.

Hope everyone has a great night…

Thank for sharing!

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