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Category: Creating Musings My Works Updates Written by R Kane / April 8, 2016

Good evening everyone, sorry for being away from the blog so long but I had some issues in real life to attend to.  All is taken care of so I can get back to doing what I like to do best, and that’s talk to you my fateful followers. I have some good news, the microphone arrived yesterday in the mail and after unboxing it I was like ‘Whoa, that’s bigger than I thought.” (Sorry, I have to be a little immature now and say with a rueful smile ‘I wish my girlfriend would have said that the first time we were naked together’…ok, back to your regularly scheduled blog entry.)  This means I’m getting the software loaded tonight to start recording which in turn means I should have the first tests of how this will all work done by the first of next week.  So, if your all excited about hearing a reading of my work by me then your wait might be over here very soon.

I’ve also put in some excellent time on my new novel so hopefully the release around Christmas will come off without a hitch.  Like I said before I’ve been inundated with some real life stuff but even with the distractions I was able to get a good bit done.  I’ve even managed to duck most of the political craziness that’s been the Primary Season. I consider this a great accomplishment as I have a teenager who has no restraint when it comes to telling me how much Bernie Sanders is getting screwed and how everyone who votes for Hilary Clinton needs some kind of psychiatric help.

I just smile and nod…that’s all…just smile and nod.

Have a good night my faithful, see you tomorrow.

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