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Category: Musings My Works Written by R Kane / April 11, 2016

I had a very good weekend my friends and faithful, and I can’t explain why except to say…have you ever found your way back to something?  Have you ever felt lost, like you’re just wandering around in this great big spinning globe with little to no direction or purpose?  Every time you think you’ve found that path which might lead to somewhere the ground shifts suddenly and your lost again?  Well, it’s been that way for a bit here for me.  I’m not talking about depression, that is something way too deep and complicated for even my small mind to talk about. No, I mean something else entirely, like a small piece of you isn’t there and your trying to figure out why and where it went. These last days I just kept on moving forward, doing what used to give me a purpose, but in the end it felt like I was like walking in a fog on an ice patch with slippers on.  I really couldn’t see where I was going, my steps were clumsy and awkward from slipping, and I felt like I was going no-where.  Now though, I think I found that old off-ramp of life I needed to take and I’m flying down it as we speak.

If anyone out there is feeling the same then please believe me when I say there does come a day when you’ll find that piece and then a lot of sense will come to why your here and why you do what it is you do…if that makes any sense.  In the end, just like REO Speedwagon sings about, you just have to ride the storm out and all will be okay.

As for the rest of my week here, will it’ll be writing and getting the Youtube readings up and running. It seems I found a little pep to my step so I’m going to make the best of it I can.

See everyone real soon…

Thank for sharing!

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