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Category: Musings Written by R Kane / April 14, 2016

Good evening everyone, sorry for the late drop off for the blog entry but the day was long.  Nothing serious to worry about, just the usual stuff that takes up time. I did have an unusual conversation with a friend online.  It seems my friend was rather upset by something her favorite author did on her blog, or better yet what the author has been doing on her blog.  I won’t go into specifics due to the fact it would mean little to you guys since I am pretty sure no one here follows this particular author.  So, to make it easy to follow, said author has been making statements which are inherently and blatantly false in some attempt to garner attention.  She has claimed that more than one writer, and there has been quite a few named, has stolen from her and her works.  She’s even gone as far to say she was the one who started certain tropes in use today, or at least was the first to make the trope popular.

Yeah, I know, total bull-shyte, and when the author was confronted that her comments were not only wrong but slanderous, well she lashed out in a tirade that took many of her fans by surprise.  My friend was one.

Well, I sat my friend down, or at least as close as I could in the context of a forum.  I told her what my mother used to tell me, ‘that if you put someone on a pedestal then you should be prepared for that person to fall because we all trip one day’.  My friend instantly took the point to heart and lamented how she suddenly felt so angry about all the time she had wasted following the author.  I replied that the time wasn’t a waste, she did enjoy what the author had penned and it the works had inspired her to draw again so it wasn’t all a waste.  I continued on and told her that her idol wasn’t a bad person and there were circumstances she hadn’t considered about the tirade.  In the end, I finished, you accept your heroes for what they are and just as important for what they are not.  Every man and woman has flaws and sometimes those get the best of us, what makes you great is how you handle those mistakes.  What makes you one to look up to is how you use those flaws to learn and grow, not dismiss and commit again one day.

She seemed better after the talk and I hope she doesn’t toss away the relationship she built with her favorite author.  It’d be a shame if everything got tossed away because someone acts like a five-year-old brat.  Hell, been there and done that and have the t-shirt!

See everyone tomorrow…

Thank for sharing!

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