Heroes are everywhere and most don’t wear a mask…

Category: Holiday Musings Written by R Kane / June 1, 2016

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful and fun-filled Memorial Day Weekend.  In all the revelry and good times, I also hope everyone took a minute to think and thank all the brave men and women who serve and have served in the Armed Forces. We are indebted to the ones who make the sacrifices to ensure we can live the lives we have and we should always be thankful for their selfless actions.  We should never forget the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice, the ones who gave all when asked to do so. 

To those who have kept us secure in our blanket of freedom, people like Colonel Ruby Bradley, Michael P Murphy, Mary Edwards Walker, Randy Shugart and Gary Gordon and others…I thank you for all that you did and sacrificed for this great country.

I know it’s kind of cliché to speak of heroism on days like Memorial Day, easy to do when your attention and focus is directed that way.  Heroes though are kind of personal in a way I think.  What one person sees as a heroic deed or action another might see as nothing more than doing one’s job.  Heroes just don’t come from the battlefield or from the Military.  They come from regular society, from those throngs of people who we walk past every day.  Mothers and fathers and co-workers, everyone in some way are heroes to us all.  They don’t come charging in with guns blazing in a hail of gunfire to save a life from certain death, no, most of my heroes never picked up a gun.

You see, to me personally, I see heroes in their actions different from most of the people I know. Sometimes I have a diverse and way too involved process to be called ‘heroic’.  What can I say, I’m a complicated man? I see some heroes as people who stood tall for what they believed in, strong against the current of the ‘Normal’ that society lays out.  I see people who fight conformity and the need to be a lemming in today’s ‘Normal’ as a hero and sometimes that means some poor bastard has to act like an a-hole to get his point across, like this hero here.

Yes, you go sir, stand up for what you consider justice.  You’re a hero to me, paying a $212 ticket off with pennies…now that’s standing tall!

See everyone soon.

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