Did you have a good July 4th?

Category: Holiday Musings Written by R Kane / July 6, 2016

Hello everyone!  I hope your 4th of July weekend and holiday were both relaxing and fun-filled (yes, it is possible to have both so stop with the crazy looks). I hope you were surrounded by loved ones and friends and that uncle who may or may not be crazy but everyone loves anyway.  As for mine, it did not start out very well. With a great sadness, I lost a very loved part of our family. Our Golden Retriever, the one I mention at the closing of my books, passed on Friday due to a sickness she just couldn’t shake.  The Kane house hold was shaken, our very souls bruised, but we knew it was for the best. She’s in a better place now, playing with the others in my family feeling no pain.  We love you Belle, and we miss you desperately.

Yet, like a true Southerner, we picked ourselves up and went about the business of getting our lives moving forward. If you’re from the South, then you were raised to cry for your loss and then stiffen your spine and face the next day.  This is probably the same all over the world, bucking up when Life tries to lay you low, so everyone can relate I am sure.

As for the weekend, it was working for me.  Instead of standing over a grill I sat in front of a computer monitor helping my end users solve they’re critical issues, like realizing with my help those pages that just came out of the printer are blank because the device has no ink (yeah, it happened, you can laugh because I sure did). I did grill out yesterday and I ended up with WAY too much food.  I have left overs varying from Buffalo Chicken Breast to Roasted Corn to Hush Puppies (don’t ask why we made those, just accept it because in truth I’m not even sure why we made the things). Seriously, I have enough food to feed a Fire Brigade over here, and damn if we didn’t make pancakes for lunch today! I’m going to be eating till I pop all week!

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention I have been hard at work on my next book. Sometime in the near future I’ll let everyone know just what series I’ll be extending.

So, with that this blog is done. I promise to be a little more frequent with my posts (yeah, I know I’ve said that before but I really mean it this time). Everyone stay safe and keep it between the lines.

Thank for sharing!

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