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Category: Musings That's just R Kane Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums Written by R Kane / July 26, 2016

Good afternoon everyone, and what a hot day it is. Seriously, who turned on the oven then forgot to turn it off before leaving the world? I just got back from the store and it was so bad outside my grass looks more like straw. I’d water it but I think all the water would just evaporate before hitting the ground. Oh well, I’d like to welcome all the new people to the R Kane Fan page. Here my new friends you will find a place that defies description, mainly because I refuse to pin it down in any way shape or form. I post funny bits that happen to me at my job and daily life, which I hope brings a smile to the face of those who read it. I also post more serious things, simple entries that I need to say which may or may not sit well with you. And then, with a grin, I sometimes post total ramblings, complete non-sense that I even have to ask myself with incredulity ‘WTF?’ after sending it up.

Yeah, it’s the way of blogging musings and such, but still welcome.  Take a seat and enjoy the ride, the stewardess will be by later to hand out peanuts and offer a complimentary beverage.

So, the work weekend wasn’t bad, not a lot of crazy calls. I had the usual stuff, till last night when I got a call from an older gentleman. He was a nice doctor from a small hospital in the Midwest, a customer of ours for some time. He was having issues with putting in information on a patient and when he told me the error he was seeing I knew instantly what to do. I told him to simply reboot his PC, and when he asked me why I just said it’s the ultimate fix, the best thing to do for any problem is the vaunted ‘Three-Finger-Salute’. He sounded a little reluctant to do the reboot, which I would be to if a complete stranger at 1:10 AM was telling the fix to 90% of PC issues is just turning the thing off and on. If he only knew how many Servers and PC’s I have had to reboot via the power switch he’d flip his lid. Yet he did, finally, and when it came up guess what? Yep, that old issue with not being able to work was fixed. He was able to chart and put in Orders and take care of his patient. He called me a ‘Superman’ for helping out and wanted to send an email to my manager for helping him out so quickly. I told him it was a pleasure to help, gave him my manager’s email, and then sighed as I hung up my phone.

I love helping people, but really, a ‘Superman’ for telling him to reboot his PC? That’s like calling me ‘Tom Terrific’ for changing the batteries in the remote. Hey, the magic little box won’t change the channel on the TV. Hmm, I wonder, might a change of the batteries work?  Look, low and behold, the magic has returned! I can now watch TC again…and yet out of 500 channels there is nothing on I care to site and take in.

That’s life my people, it taketh the magic away but you fight and prevail to get it back only to realize everything is a re-run.

See you all tomorrow, and like always, please pass along the wonder that is R Kane to all you know and even those you don’t!       

Thank for sharing!

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