My head felt like a rock…

Category: Holiday Musings Written by R Kane / September 5, 2016

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day Weekend. I myself, I worked all weekend as is my usual assigned work schedule.  I had the added misery though of being sick while working. That’s why I wasn’t able to blog more last week, I was in the throes of a sinus infection and thus feeling like my head would literally explode. I swear I had so much sinus pressure bearing down on my brain I heard the sound of screws being turned in my head, and let’s not forget the pain. Yeah, I had enough pain to spare for three people. The only thing that saved me was the mere fact I stayed doped up on over the counter sinus medication for near 24 hours a day. I think the Pharmacist at Kroger thought I was making meth with all the stuff I was buying.

And then I had to work two 13 hour shifts while hurting…that ‘joy’ can never be fully expressed in words let me tell you. I mean, is there anything worse in this world then having to work while you feel like the doormat in front of a rundown house?  I did my work though, hung in there and finished out my time at the wheel. Then as soon as my shift was over I crashed in my bed, once again letting the gentle arms of Nyquil send me into a near coma and savoring every minute of it.

Now, no worries, I’m all better today. The pain and pressure is gone, and it would have been so mice had this recovery happened 48 hours earlier…but alas that’s not my kind of luck. So, feeling better I should be able to blog more and let everyone in on my goings on. I’ll see everyone soon and as always, spread the good word of R Kane to all you know…

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