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Category: Musings That's just R Kane Updates Video Games Written by R Kane / September 21, 2016

Hello everybody, I hope your weekend was a relaxing one. Of course I had to work, which wasn’t too bad since most of the calls for help we could fix. I didn’t see too much craziness, no printers were seen causing disruptions to work, and that is always a good thing. I have to say it wasn’t too bad, which is way more than what I can say for this poor guy here. It seems losing a soccer game 43-0 isn’t bad enough, having the distinction of being off YOUR game so bad that you lose THE GAME by 43 goals following you around for the rest of your life isn’t enough, no, the fact the cops are called in and you get hauled away to answer questions on how bad you played is just about bad enough. Damn, I thought we were a little crazy about College Football here in the US, but those Germans take their soccer really SERIOUS. I mean, where’s the mercy rule people? At some point you know the referee just walked over to the coach of the losing team and said “Really, can we just call this done and go home? Hell, I buy everyone a beer if you let me end this debacle. I swear I will, because if I see that ball go into the goal again I might just shoot myself in the foot to get out this job, got it?”

Which leads me to my day, I know, f$#ked up transition, just go with it.

As you all know I play video games, and today was like Christmas come early. The new DLC for Destiny dropped, The Rise of Iron. Oh yes, I have been waiting eagerly for this day. I even prepaid for the DLC early. I downloaded the update to my Xbox One and sat around the house with baited breath for the last week just waiting for it to come, like a little angel on gossamer wings. And today was the day, I got up and ran down to the local Gamestop to get my coveted copy…only all I got was a receipt with a code.


Yes, I know most, if not all video games, these days are delivered via a digital copy, still I was really looking for a physical copy to put up on my shelf, to proudly display. So, slightly dejected, I drove home and fired up the old Bone One (the affectionate name I call the large box that takes up way too much of my time). I put in the code and was rewarded with, not the game, but a Microsoft Gift Card.


After floundering in despair for a moment, after cursing like a Pirate denied my weekly allotment of Rum, I figured out what I had to do. I had to go into the game, hit the ‘Purchase’ button for the DLC, and then use the gift card to pay for it. In essence, I went in three tight circles around my elbow to get to my ass. Why I just couldn’t just unlock the game with the code in the first place I have no clue? Hell, why I didn’t get a physical copy still makes me incredibly sad. My shelf where all my games sit is sad as well, I can look over and see it all busted up. Damn you Bungie and Microsoft for making my shelf sad (just kidding, my shelf isn’t really sad, it’s just bowed from all the games stacked on it).

Well, I think I’ve rambled enough and its time to lock up the madness that is my mind. I hope everyone has a safe night and you all get some well-deserved rest. See you all tomorrow, and as always, spread the good word that is R Kane

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