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What a freaking week, am I right?

Category: Movies and other dalliances Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / December 30, 2016

Good evening everyone, greetings from the last blog post of 2016. And man, am I glad this year is over with. There has been way too much loss, too much insanity, and not enough love and hope to go around it seemed. My New Year’s Resolution for 2017 is that I hope we, the human race, get our act together and get our shit straight people. Too much hate brings a species down, just ask the Dinosaurs. What, you say we can’t as the T-Rex if hate caused its final demise? Well yeah, we can’t, because its dead, and you know why? Because the great big lizard couldn’t stand to have a salad every once in a while, and instead ate everyone else. All that killing and eating of your fellow Dino’s can cause a lot of hate, ergo, the Dinosaurs died out. Yep, hate killed them, check it out on the Science Channel if you don’t believe me.

But enough with deflecting via humor. Enough with trying to look past what went down this week. First, we lost our sweet, and feisty, Princess in Carrie Fisher, and before we could recover from losing her, the news her mother Debbie Reynolds had passed not 24 hours later struck us like a hammer. Both women were so much than actresses, so much more trailblazers in Hollywood. These women were pure inspiration, for men and women alike, and if you couldn’t see that then you my friend are blind to everything around you. From author to being an advocate, Miss Fisher showed a strength only a few have and an insight you are born with. Her mother, Miss Reynolds, well there wasn’t any other actress capable of holding her own with two superstars like Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor, unless your name was Cyd Charisse, for her role in Singing in the Rain. And, not only did Miss Reynolds put in an impressive performance, she left more than enough of a mark to show everyone she had arrived.

Yes, I will miss both tremendously, and not because of anything they did in Hollywood, but the fact they were both so extraordinary. There will never be another like them, mark my words on that.

I hope everyone has a safe weekend, enjoy the New Year, and make sure you send out this old one with the trash. Keep spreading the good word that is R Kane, and I’ll see everyone soon.


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