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Category: Movies and other dalliances Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / January 13, 2017

Good evening my people, I hope your week wasn’t too bad, wasn’t too painful. Mine was pleasantly dull and quite humdrum, which was nice. Now don’t go thinking I just sit around watching TV Land and old reruns of Magnum PI (I must admit, that Tom Selleck is a damn good looking man) all day. I’m not ready to join AARP or the old age home either, it’s just nice to have a week where I can sit in front of the game PC and put in some quality kills with The Division or Destiny on the Xbox One. And that’s exactly what this week was, nothing but bliss because my responsibilities were few and far between.

I was cruising into the end of my time off though, just sitting here listening to Zakk Wylde belt out some great guitar riffs with Black Label Society, pure Rock Manna my people, and found this on my Internet, ‘Deadpool an Oscar Contender’.

Oh please, be still my cynical beating heart.

Can it be, the Oscars are finally getting on the same page with the rest of the movie going public?

Seriously, I doubt it, but I give Ryan Reynolds credit, be the fucking rebel my man. Don’t sit by and let someone else run the show, let someone else decide if your ‘worthy’ of being nominated. You didn’t let anyone at the wheel back when Deadpool was getting made and look where all that rebelliousness got you, one of the top grossing movies of the year. It’s been the only movie I went back and watched again, though, it was on pay per view while sitting on my couch, but hey, I loved that movie man. And now, seeing the ‘For your consideration’ campaign, my soul is a glow, and I mean that with all my heart. The kind of ‘if you touch the last blueberry waffle, I swear to all I hold holy, I’ll tear out your eyes and piss on your brain’ kind of devotion.

I mean it, it’s Deadpool for ‘Best Movie’ or I promise, I’ll boycott the Motion Picture Movie Industry.  Me and my…umm, well, just me I guess.

I’m not anti-social, really.

I’m not…I swear.

Oh well, have a good weekend everyone, be safe and keep it between the lines. Remember, keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane and I’ll see you on the other side…of the weekend.

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