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Category: Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / March 30, 2017

Good morning my followers and friends. I see we have made it through the middle of the week so you know what? Yep, it’s all downhill from here as they say. I’ll apologize upfront while I’m here at the start of this blog entry, for this being the only entry this week. I’ve been busy these last few days getting my schedule back into some kind of order. See, being away a week, then going right into a work weekend, had set the way I do things round here into a big old tail spin. I had to get my stuff together, everything back to where it should be, like getting time to write, getting in my gym time, and reading that massive pile of books on my Kindle.

And speaking of reading…

During my trip, while looking through the Kindle Store, I came across an old friend and I just had to get an electronic copy. I stumbled on Friedrich Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’, a nice little philosophy tome from a quaint German man. Now, I know, your all asking yourselves ‘R, how can you be into Shamanism, which is a fantastic religion, while also digging Nietzsche? Wasn’t the man who famously stated God is dead?’

Yes, yes, he did, and I am sure most of you know why he said such so I won’t delve into that quote here in this blog entry. You know me, or sort of, in an Internet Blog way, which might be scary if you think about it for a second. But, in any case, if you know me then you know I don’t do ‘Normal’, not by any shade or shape of the imagination. I do my thing, take in what intrigues me and makes my mind churn, and Nietzsche’s philosophy has always done that. I may not agree with all that old Friedrich had to say, but I especially like Thus Spake Zarathustra because of the concept of the ‘Uberman’. I believe, like old Fred, that everyone has the potential ‘to go over’ and become a Superman or woman, to achieve their dreams and live a fulfilled life. One just has to work hard, have the passion and desire to create the drive, and then have the courage to go out and get what you want.

When aloft, I find myself always alone. No one speaketh unto me; the frost of solitude maketh me tremble. What do I seek on the height?

This quote is so very close to the truth I realize, now that’ve started down the path of being an independent writer. I’ve found myself ‘alone’ more than once on this journey, friends and people who I thought would support me suddenly not ‘cool with this’ or not so sure this writing thing was a good idea. I’ve asked myself more than once, and still do, if I was wrong in going down this path, and yet every time I do I stop and tell myself I’m doing this because this is where I want to be. Every fiber of my being tells me this, so I keep on pushing on, just like REO Speedwagon says too. Success is never guaranteed, but the fight is and I’ve always enjoyed a good struggle. If you want something my friends, anything worth having, then you better be ready to face the challenge alone every now and then.

There is always some madness in love. But there is always, also, some method in madness

Ok, I’m going this one made into a T-Shirt. How many times have you asked yourselves ‘why the hell am I doing this again?’, only to answer the question ‘because I love trying to do it!’ It may seem crazy at times, trying to achieve a dream or goal, but that’s what the struggle is all about. If you want something, desire it enough, then the madness is just a method on how to get there.

Oh, there are so many great and awesome quotes in this book. It’s a manual for setting and finding the path to being all that you can and will be if you fight for it. I could go on for hours about Nietzsche and hos works, but time is short my friends and I need to run.

I hope the rest of your week is good, keep safe, and as always keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane. See everyone soon…

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