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Category: Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / April 12, 2017

Hello, my friends and followers, good evening to all. Sorry for being away last week, but my daughter had the week off from school and we decided at the last moment to go out of town. I enjoyed the week off as I got a mental break from the craziness of my job. It was sweet time off, until Saturday rolled around, and I had to go back to the grind. Yes, it didn’t take long for the job to bring back the craziness that is support. Nothing like getting a call from a client stating their system is down, then three minutes later getting a call from a different person at that site saying everything is fine now, no worries. So, just as I was about to take a sip of my coffee and thus restore my Zen, the phone rang and it was the first person calling back, screaming in pure panic. Apparently, the system is down still and mass hysteria is about to break out, hundreds may succumb to…well, something really bad, only the client never really explained. When I told them about the second person calling stating everything was fine, the first person quieted down and after a minute said thank you politely and hung up.

Important lesson here boys and girls, have your shit together before calling into your computer hot line.

And you know what, I think that rule could easily apply to more than just calling into your local nerd support center. I mean, I left for a week and what happened. We’re getting neck deep into the Middle East again without a plan, the Senate confirmed a new Supreme Court Justice by disavowing its own rules which have been around half a century, and some poor man got dragged off a United Plane for the crime of having a legally purchased ticket to said flight.

Damn, talk about mass hysteria, this country has a triple dose of it!

Now, if someone had just stepped back, in any of those situations, and gotten their shit straight then maybe the trouble I sense coming wouldn’t actually concern me just a little. Instead, people’s toes are right up to the edge of a cliff. One more step and who knows where we, as a country and a society and a people, will end up. Trust me everyone, backing down and getting a breath in before launching into the whirlwind is the best choice. Take it from the man who’s done WAY TOO much crazy stuff, you can always look back but you can never go back.

I hope everyone’s week is fine here at the start. I hope it stays that way, and remember, keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane


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