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Category: Holiday Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / April 17, 2017

Good evening everybody, all my friends and followers! I hope your Easter weekend was a nice and fulfilling one.  I had to work of course, which isn’t a good thing to do on a holiday weekend, but I like living under a roof and eating, both of which require money, so I’ll do what I have to do. Now, I know, your wondering why I’m blogging on a Sunday night. Well, I’m trying something out, stepping into a new schedule and seeing if I can do more blog posts then a single or double entry in a week. I’m not promising anything, just experimenting with trying to bring a little more content to you.

So yeah, I worked all day today and all day yesterday, my usual schedule. Due to the holiday though, the work load was light and the craziness was non-existent. It was a nice change from the norm and I really enjoyed the slowdown, though I hope it doesn’t continue. As I have said before, I’ll take a busy day over a slow one. I’m not one to sit around and just wait for my shift to end. My energy level runs a little too high for that sort of thing. My brain likes to be challenged, to think on problems, and if I can’t find an issue to mull over then I damn well create one. I’ll end up surfing the old Internet, searching forums for any bit of info that catches my eye and engages my mind.

Or, luckily, I have my Kindle and several books on it I’m into. I usually have four or five books I’m reading at one time, a mish-mash of different things to read and digest. You know already I’ve been re-reading ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ and to that I’m reading two books on Shamanism, one on Shintoism, a book about the 100 Deadly things we all should know, and it ends with some Fantasy. Yeah, pretty far reaching and such, guess that’s why I’m so eclectic. The book on Shintoism is really good, learning things about the religion I didn’t know, about the Shrines, and mostly about the Kami worship.

I didn’t find any funny or weird posts on the usual forums that PC. Yeah, no way I’m getting caught surfing some site that just might be, a little bit of, the extreme you might say. And no, before anyone asks, I do not surf the Dark Web. I have and there are some ‘unique’ sites there, but mostly its stuff that doesn’t interest me or pages I wouldn’t dare visit due to the fact you can get a nasty virus or Trojan horse loaded before you blink. Nah, I’ll stick with the regular web and let my good old anti-virus and malware catch anything trying to comprise me.

So, that’s it for this post. I hope everyone had a great weekend like I said, and remember, Monday maybe here but it’ll be over before you know it…hopefully…I mean, it will be…I hope…

Crap, just keep on keeping on my friends, and let everyone know about R Kane

See you tomorrow.

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