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Category: Musings That's just R Kane TV and other distractions Written by R Kane / April 18, 2017

Good evening everybody, I’m coming at you from work right now, which looks a lot like my personal office from home. Wait, I work remote, that’s right. It’s kind of cool working from home all the time, saves on gas money and my patience. Believe me when I say, traffic is not good for my stress level. When I was driving to and from the office on a weekly basis I damn near went crazy. A stiff shot of Jack Daniels was the only things that saved my sanity and everyone in the house from having to hear me rant for the thousandth time how I hate traffic. Seriously, Sammy Hagar’s tune ‘I can’t Drive 55’ should have been my theme song during that time.

But hey, that’s all behind me now, thanking the Great Spirit.

And speaking of having a job to drive to, the douche bag from Survivor who outed a fellow contestant looks to have lost his employment over the incident. Before we go any further, let me bring those up to date who might not keep up with Survivor, like me. I don’t watch the show, or much TV, for that matter which is why when I found out about what happened I nearly flipped my shit. Basically, as we all know, the contestants get voted off weekly from the show and it seems this guy Jeff Varner was about to be the next one sent home. So, in a desperation move, he outed his tribe member Zeke as transgender, seriously not cool or respectable at all. Even Jeff Probst, the guy who runs the show kind of, was appalled and asked what Varner would NOT do for a Million Dollars. You see, Zeke hadn’t told anyone of his life style but the closest of family, and now his secret was thrust into the light before he was ready to have it so. Anyone he was trying to safeguard, anyone he was trying to protect, well there was no need for that now. Any kind of forethought to look out for people’s lives is gone now and that is pure shit.

It seems Mr. Varner will do a lot to win, almost anything, even dirty his own soul to do so, and as with all despicable acts the weight of the offense is heavy. I’m sure losing his job never crossed his mind as a consequence of his actions, but we rarely look that far in the future when we connive and scheme. As for his being fired, I’m kind of mixed in my heart, but not so much as to lose any sleep. I’m sorry he’s out of work now, everyone needs a job, but this was all self-inflicted and more than justified for the way Mr. Varner acted. I hope he takes the time needed to get his head and heart straight, that he gets his feet back on the right path, and he finds a new job.

As for me, well I need to get back to my job. I hope everyone survived their Monday and the beginning of the work week.  Just keep it between the lines my people, and remember, keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane.

See you soon…

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