You believe everything on the Internet, don’t you?

Category: Musings Noob That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / April 21, 2017

Good evening everyone, thank you for stopping by to check out the old blog. If your reading this then I guess you made it through your ‘Thursday Trials’ and are eager to get to Friday. Hey, I congratulate you on making it past the work day and now look, your just one day away from the weekend. If I were you, I’d have some plans to maybe enjoy myself just a bit, go out and have some fun, but that’s just me. You, my loyal friends and followers, you do what you do and have a grand time doing it…hope that made some kind of sense to everyone.

In keeping with my promise to try and post every day this week, I was surfing the old Information Highway (particularly YouTube) and came across a video put up a week ago from a news vlogger who had stumbled onto a post from the South African Huffington Post Branch. This post, by an independent blogger, was a piece about how it may be time for white men to lose their right to vote. Now, I was just a little shocked by this, not by the fact someone would float this kind of idea, it’s been done before. No, I was kind of surprised that this vlogger, usually known for being a solid fact checker, would dedicate a whole twenty minutes to ‘ranting’ about it.  You see, when I Googled the name of the piece I found this article by the National Review, which says basically the piece in the South African HuffPo was fake news. Seems a troll had a fun time yanking everyone’s chain. I’m not going to go into the deep dark details about how everyone got the wool pulled over their eyes (the article explains that well enough) and I’m not going to argue the merits of denying the right to vote to someone. We all know that’s wrong and those trying to commit such an act should have their hands slapped…with a 50-pound weight.

No, what still amazes me it the fact people get sucked into fake news. As if we all didn’t learn our lessons from the 2016 Elections, as if we all just ignored what our mommas told us when we were young, and that’s never take candy from strangers, or from crazy Uncle Joe.  Come on, we all have that crazy uncle in our families, the one at the family reunion who stands off by himself, talking to the picture of your great grandmother while eating all the shrimp from the platter you aunt brought. What, wait, you don’t have a crazy uncle? Well hell, you can borrow mine anytime you want!

But seriously, when we will stop ‘taking the candy from strangers’ here people, and by candy, I mean any kind of news from the Internet. When will we start thinking and stop blindly following. We have turned into a world of retweeters. We race to share everything on Facebook and Instagram, to be the first to ‘inform’ all our friends and followers. Well, look where it got a bunch of people who just had to ‘comment’ on what they read? If people would have just stepped back and did some quick thinking, they might not look so silly right now. Thank the Great Spirit a reporter actually took the time to track down the blogger and found out the name was a fake.

From my early days of getting on the Internet, I have always been totally suspicious of everything I read and see. I have grown and thus matured into the Jim Rockford of Private Eyes on the Internet. And if you don’t know who Jim Rockford is, well, I just dated myself so DAMN! Getting back on point, to sum this up, if it smells like a fish that’s been left out in the sun then probably it’s not a good idea to comment or pass along said piece of information. Just saying, it’s better to keep the egg of your face and in the frying pan, am I right?

Well, it’s late and I’ll be looking at doing some work on some other stuff. I hope everyone has a quiet night, and a great TGIF. As always, remember to spread the good word that is R Kane

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