How are they a bad group?

Category: Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / May 2, 2017

Good evening everyone, my friends and followers. I hope each and every one of you had a great weekend. I know, it was hard being Monday and all, but look at it this way, the day is done and you have six more till it comes around again. Me, I’m just counting down my last hours until my weekend starts, or week off, which ever works for you. No plans here except to keep on plugging away on the new book and take care of a few things round the house.

So, I was bumming around the Internet, perusing the information super highway, and I came across this article and my jaw dropped. It seems the Girl Scouts have become ‘too liberal’ for the Catholic Church (the church is a major sponsor) and dioceses across the country are either dropping the organization or being encouraged too.


A group whose singular purpose is to bring girls together, to make them feel a part of something, and to promote positivity among said girls is now ‘too liberal’? A group, whose benefits for young girls has nothing to do with Liberalism, now has values that are ’incompatible’ with the church? Ok, I’m going to ask, and I’ll probably hate myself for doing so, but just how is this possible? I’m not a girl and I’ve never been to a Girl Scout meeting, but I know a few ladies who were Girl Scouts and have daughters who are in the Girl Scouts, and not a one has ever told me that the organization is a ‘bad influence’. And let’s be truthful here, my guess is the church thinks the Girl Scouts are a bad influence on the young minds of the girls. Well, where’s the proof? I don’t see bands of Girl Scouts robbing liquor stores. I don’t see gangs of Girl Scouts hanging out on the street corner causing problems, disturbing the peace. No, I see the total opposite. I see a group being inclusive, giving young girls a place to meet and be friends and enjoy bonding. How in the world can the church not agree with that? I have no clue…

Oh well, there are mysteries I will never solve and decisions I will never understand. I hope everyone has a good night, and safe and wonderful day tomorrow, and I will see you then. Until then, keep it between the ditches and keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane

Have a good one…

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